Aluminum Catwalks, Walkways, and Platforms

Aluminum Catwalks designed and manufactured by XSF Truss are engineered and fabricated to be extremely durable, versatile, high load capacity, structurally stable and easily installed even in hard to reach areas for efficient load in/out times.

Catwalks are elevated service walkways, platforms, and stairways that allow building and technical staff, such as sound and lighting personnel efficient access to theatrical production equipment for adjusting equipment or maintenance responsibilities.

They are installed overhead in theaters, arenas, concert venues and stadiums all over the world, and each location can require its own custom catwalk platform system.

The engineered truss base of the catwalk system provides high loading capacity for personnel traffic as well as additional load capacity for lighting, audio, or video devices or equipment.

Understanding the challenges faced by rigging personnel the XSF catwalk truss is designed to meet all standard OSHA regulations and safety standards  (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) for catwalks with handrails and comply with all applicable codes.

XSF Truss has an Expert Rating in product quality and safety.



Our catwalks are constructed with 6061-T6 and 6005A-T61 structural aluminum alloy with heavy gauge tubes.

When designing your custom catwalk, we typically start with a truss and then apply a walking surface with toe kick and handrails.

Consideration is taken to make rigging the truss from the catwalk quick and simple.

A variety of walk surfaces are available including aluminum grating, smooth plate, or diamond plate.

Other considerations include:

  • Variable walking surface width ranging from 12” to 48.”
  • High load capacity for show loads as well as personnel
  • Toe-plate provided upon request
  • Shorter load-in and load-out time for touring productions
  • Overhead cable trays available upon request
  • Additional lighting rails provided upon request
  • Fabricated by AWS certified welders in the USA
  • Powder Coating available upon request in most colors.
  • Anodizing available upon request in select colors.


XSF Truss can complete your catwalk platform system with:

  • Railings,
  • Gates,
  • Trap doors and
  • Ladders or
  • Stairways

Arena Pathway Project Drawings

Catwalk, Stair and Pathway Renderings

In The Shop Aluminum Fabrication

Catwalk Installation at Feritta Center in Houston