Custom Services – Truss Inspection | Engineering | Test Fit | Use and Handling & much more.

Outside of being one of the biggest truss manufacturers in the world, Xtreme Structures and Fabrication offers many services to our customers and clients.

XSF is not just a fabricator and manufacture of truss and truss accessories. While being a premier provider of standardized truss, custom stages, roof systems, hardware, rigging, risers, and more we also provide the necessary services and support to make big or small projects come together smoothly and effectively. We have a highly skilled team that understands and sees the “big picture” no matter what your industry. Entertainment, Worship, Theatrical, Manufacturing or Trade Show industries we can help.

With a 40,000 square foot facility we meet the needs of a growing industry with excellent quality products, innovation, technology and trusted relationships. Take a look below and see inside the many service XSF provide to our customers.


All XSF Products are engineered following the Aluminum Association’s specifications to a maximum safe allowable working load rating.


The repairing of damaged aluminum truss is about customer support and getting your truss back in service as quickly as possible.


Weld size and stress testing is an important function in ensuring safety. Follow the link below to see how XSF can assist and keep you safe.


An annual Truss inspection is a key aspect in maintaining a sound structure. We use the latest industry innovation and technology to help your production, venue or event.


The proper use and handling of aluminum truss can significantly increase the lifespan of any truss. Find out more and watch our video on Truss Use and Handling.


It is our recommendation that fall protection always be used when working in overhead situations. Follow the link below to learn more.


With a 40,000 square foot shop XSF test fits every truss component that we fabricate prior to delivery.  See how we provide our customers with a high level of quality assurance.


XSF offers a very wide variety of coatings and finishing to take your product look to a new level.


A Load Table Guide page, infographic and YouTube video will help determine the right truss for your application.


As a highly important skill in modern fabrication, XSF brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to it’s Technical Design.

More on XSF Services

The Art of Truss runs across many applications and within these applications XSF truss offer a wide range of services. Over our many years of service we have designed a strong and efficient process that keeps our customer’s truss, rigging and accessories well monitored and properly working.

As our many services are each very important, performing routine checks to ensure that your truss will function properly is paramount.  XSF has an experienced team of professionals who can evaluate your trusses for cracks, warping, weathering, and all other types of wear and tear.

Even if your setup is entirely indoors, repeated strain from hanging equipment can fatigue the truss over time until they may need to be serviced or replaced. Ignoring this proper maintenance will cost far more in the long run and become a very serious safety issue. If you may need this service we recommend calling XFS Truss at 903-438-1100.

 We can perform an inspection and give you peace of mind that everything is safe and secure.

If you need to service or adjust your overhead lighting or rigging on the trusses yourself, one of the worst things you can do is climb up unassisted. Falls from truss height can be dangerous or even fatal, and even supposedly secure devices such as ladders can slip or fall, spelling disaster. Instead of risking your wellbeing, trust XSF Truss to explain and provide the proper fall protection equipment, including all essential harnesses, anchors, and lines.

Just when you think your truss setup is complete, there is still the question of personalization. Going beyond simple personalized truss shapes and arrangements, XSF also provides a variety of powder coatings colors  and finishes that can help your trusses stand out in style or blend seamlessly into the background. If a unique look is what you’re going for we also offer brand engraving on the end plates of the truss that not only builds brand but also is an excellent theft deterrent.

No matter what you need, XFS Truss has the services to help you make the most from your truss purchase. From basic explanations to in-depth design consultation to the finishing touches, we can help turn any plan into a stunning reality.

XSF Truss Services


Xtreme Structures & Fabrication (XSF) truss is designed and engineered to last a lifetime with proper use, handling and inspection. Properly inspecting your truss will ensure that it is in safe working condition each time the truss is used.