Now, more than ever, many of our customers require expert engineering skill. A need for a Truss company who bring a high-level of precision, accuracy and efficiencies to the job. XSF does just that, with an effective and stringent set of quality control procedures.

Through our many years of experience, Xtreme Structures & Fabrication have been involved in projects big and small. Frequently, complex projects require engineering. Our process and knowledgeable staff make our client projects safe, secure and worry-free.  We are a company that takes great pride in all the services we offer and it shows in the results.

All XSF Products are engineered following the Aluminum Association’s specifications to a maximum safe allowable working load rating.


Engineering Drawings


XSF, in association with the 3rd party engineering firms listed below, provides engineering reports on all standard products, and can also provide engineering reports on any custom application.

  • MLE provides structural engineering services for architects, engineers, commercial clients, contractors, large entertainment firms and private individuals.