Aluminum Truss for Gym and Fitness Facilities

When you think of gyms or fitness centers, what first comes to mind is likely muscle-bound athletes, how you should possibly drop a few pounds or how painful a good workout can be.

What may not come to mind is Aluminum Truss!

Now, more and more, trusses are becoming a highly functional feature in local fitness community workout centers, Ninja Obstacle Courses, and Gym workout facilities.

It makes perfect sense.

Truss structures and the use of truss is more practical than any other material previously used.  Several XSF customers have discovered the lightweight and versatility of aluminum truss in gyms and love it.

Truss can offer a versatility that allows you to transform, change or alter the entire look of the facility, both quickly and easily! This flexibility can not only give your facility a new look but it can also offer a broad variety of workout challenges to your clientele.

Making a few innovative design choices can build a versatility that will make your fitness establishment the place to be for all ages and different skill levels.

Ninja Course with Truss

The Benefits of Utilizing Aluminum Truss for Ninja Warrior Courses and Training Fitness Facilities

  • A very clean look. Truss brings a tough, professional look to your Fitness Facility
  • Trusses are lightweight and can be moved easily.
  • Easily disconnected moved and reconnected
  • Very Durable
  • Truss can withstand torque and shifting loads
  • Can be powder coated any color you wish.
easy connect-weather friendly

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XSF designs manufacture and fabricate structures, platforms, decks, stairs and anything else you may need to complete your workout facility.

The Spider Wall, Rolling Dice, Truss Towers, Salmon Ladder, Devil Steps, and Hanging or Suspended Rings are just a few of the items XSF  develops. The repurposing or evolution of the fitness equipment or obstacles is easy to assemble and in most cases doesn’t require tools!. It is also an excellent solution for outdoor obstacle courses or events.  Truss does not rust like many other materials.

With our experienced and friendly staff, XSF is always happy to collaborate and bring our ideas into the mix. Having built and designed large indoor and outdoor structures all over the US and Canada our engineering team understands the importance of safety and we bring it to every project we build.

Many of these structures utilize standard XSF Truss and Accessories such as Pinch Blocks, Couplers, Shackles, Spansets, STAC Chain and more.

To help you visualize what you’re Ninja Warrior Gym or Facility Center will look like once complete, we also offer both 2D and 3D drawings.  This true to life, visual representation greatly benefits the customer in seeing and understanding the many possibilities. With the use of visual representation, there is always newly discovered innovations and ideas through the planning stages that help maximize the facilities potential.

If you have gym enthusiasts who are looking to test the limits and boundaries of their fitness give us a call. We can put together a custom designed package with the flexibility and features you’re looking for.

Click here to see one of the recently designed and fabricated workout facility by  XSF.