ConneX – The Indexable Forkend Truss

Through our product development cycle the XSF team is persistently keyed in on producing product characteristics that will have a lasting positive impression on the end-user.

These characteristics or customer benefits include saving time and money.

When our team of design engineers set out to create a new indexable fork end connection they targeted simplicity, strength, ease of use and versatility.  The result is the patent-pending, “ConneX”, the latest innovation from XSF.

Innovation Alert-Connex

This Indexable Forkend Truss is quick and easy allowing the user to seamlessly adapt and change the configuration of the forkends without skipping a beat. This simple “maneuver” is completed without the use of any tools by simply rotating the fork end 90 degrees by hand.

ConneX - tool-less Forkends

Patent Pending

In seconds, the fork ends can change from a horizontal positioning to a vertical configuration.

ConneX also has the added bonus of cost savings.  By rotating the IFE to a horizontal position, a typical 4-way corner block can be eliminated by connecting 4 pieces of truss together.  Watch the ConneX Indexable Forkend Video to Learn More.

XSF has additional gates are available to create 2-way, 3-way, and wedge style corner blocks.   Take a look at our most recent product video of IFE and see for yourself.

What are the Benefits of this Indexable ForkEnded Truss?

  • Versatility that allows a quick reconfiguration 
  • A Tool-Less Innovation
  • Simple
  • Fast and Easy
  • Eliminates the Need and Extra Cost of Corner Blocks

Additional ConneX Product Notes

  • Available in both standard and heavy duty strength.
  • Standard Indexable Forkends match the strength of our standard fork ends utilizing the same load tables.
  • Heavy Duty Indexable Forkends can be used when higher load ratings, longer spans, or larger trusses are required.
  • ConneX Indexable Forkends can be substituted in place of standard fork ends in any size XSF truss.

 Indexable Forkend Truss in Horizontal & Vertical Positions