Powder Coating

Certain theatrical or concert applications may require a different look for the truss. Some of our customers seek to create a scene of powder-coated, black truss where the truss is invisible to the audience, while others may require vibrantly colored truss to really stand out and be a part of the creative stage look. Powder coating Stage truss can achieve both of these objectives.

Powder Coating is a dynamic and durable solution that can take your production to a new level.

  •  XSF can have your products powder coated in a potentially huge number of colors. For color specs we use RAL numbers which is a reference panel for powder coating.
  • Here is a list of RAL colors.
  • We offer flat and high gloss finishes
  • Size does not matter. XSF can powder coat any size products or items, big or small.
  • We powder coat any aluminum and/or steel items

powder coating


Color your world! The impact of powder-coated truss can be immeasurable. The stealth black truss, the powder-coated bright red, yellow, or green truss provides a cost-effective result that can tie your visual scene together.

While large elaborate colored truss themes can excite audiences in theme parks, concerts, houses of worship, and building structures sometimes simple, powdered coated truss in your company colors at a tradeshow can draw a crowd too.

Talk to our knowledgable staff about how we can bring color to your event.

Powder Coated Truss
Ground Support and Goal Post Truss
Powder Coatred Circular Truss