Truss Testing

At Xtreme Structures we perform destructive Truss testing in-house on our line of standard product trusses.  These tests are performed under the guidance of third party certified engineers who then make recommendations based on the truss test results.  New products being introduced to the XSF product line will go through vigorous and thorough testing before entering the marketplace.

truss tests

Why Test Truss?

Engineering calculations provide estimated allowed load ratings that are based on information found in aluminum codes.  Real life applications often do not fit the mold of an aluminum or steel code.  Destructive testing allows us to learn more about how a truss will perform under high loads, gives us information of failure modes and what to look for when inspecting truss.  Truss Testing also provides a higher allowable load rating.  The results can be analyzed by our team of engineers, and under the guidelines of applicable codes load tables are created that are higher than what calculations would potentially show.

Safety, Strength, and Performance are all critical characteristics of aluminum truss. The testing of truss  provides us information and insight into all three.