Exhibits & Events Installations

The show must go on.

Often under strict timing and variable conditions, exhibits and events can present some of the greatest industry challenges.  Having the support and expertise of XSF team will have you feeling comfortable and ready for your event. Corporate installs, sporting events, marketing events and exhibitions often require outstanding presentation, design and flexibility.  XSF can offer modular and flexible or custom solutions that will be a perfect fit for your event and budget.

Below are some Exhibits & Events Installations.

Parasol Systems

Having been involved in tradeshows, exhibits and events over the years Xtreme Structures and Fabrication understands all the nuances that make up a successful show. From flying 1000’s of pounds of lighting and audio equipment to a simple goal post truss set up, we have everything to accommodate your show.


Having such experiences was crucial when it came to this event at the Las Vegas Convention Center. XSF designed the plans of a super grid that would support 3 large Parasol Systems. Parasol Systems is a unique lighting system that XSF has assisted in for several years. The distinctness of Parasol Systems is; they “move” moving lights. The stopping and starting of moving vehicles, with lights on them, flown from a super-grid represents the reason why many companies come to XSF to get their projects done right.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

The Crest, Galvez Plaza, Baton Rouge, LA

The Crest is a 65,000-pound, 35-foot tall steel cantilevered sculpture with varied widths and curves and extends from its base into the air and outward about 85 feet. Located in the Galvez Plaza centered in front of City Hall in downtown Baton Rouge, the piece of public art is an asymmetrical structure that moves on multiple axes and doubles as a performance stage cover, while supporting lighting and sound equipment.

The crest Galzez plaza

Ford Motor Company Exhibit

  • XSF 12×12 Utility Truss
  • At AT&T Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas
  • The truss supported lighting for the fountain as well as the display of 11 vehicles
  • Custom 12×12 Utility Wedges were designed to give the oval it’s overall shape without using curved truss

Ford Exhibit at Cowboy Stadium