Hinge Blocks

Xtreme Structures and Fabrication offers two different type of hinges for our standard product truss.

  • Book-End Hinges are available in bolt plate box truss sizes 10”x10”, 12”x12”, 12”x18”, 16”x16”, and 20.5”x20.5”
  • Center Pivot Hinges are available in bolt plate, aluminum fork end, or steel fork end box truss sizes 12”x12”, 12”x18”, 16”x16”, and 20.5”x20.5”
  • Custom hinges are available to match multiple sizes of truss.  For example, a hinge block that connects 12”x12” box truss to 20.5”x20.5” box truss.
  • Fabricated by AWS certified welders in the USA
  • Powder Coating available upon request in most colors.
  • Anodizing available upon request in select colors.


Book End Hinge

  • X-10-125BP-BEH
  • X-12-188BP-BEH
  • -12×18-188BP-BEH
  • X-16-188BP-BEH
  • X-20.5-188BP-BEH

Center Pivot Hinges

  • X-12-188BP-CPH
  • X-12-188AFE-CPH
  • X-12-188FE-CPH
  • X-16-188BP-CPH
  • X-16-188AFE-CPH
  • X-16-188FE-CPH
  • X-12X18-188BP-CPH
  • X-12X18-188AFE-CPH
  • X-12X18-188FE-CPH
  • X-20.5-188BP-CPH
  • X-20.5-188AFE-CPH
  • X-20.5-188FE-CPH