House Of Worship Installations

As a place of worship, the exterior and interior look and design are of great importance. 

Churches and Houses of Worship are constructed and designed to be welcoming facilities that bring a feeling of comfort to their congregation. Achieving that right mood, to enhance the congregation’s experience, is paramount.

The planned structure of this mood is where we come in. XSF are experts in engineering, consulting, designing and fabrication.  We can build a structural “backbone” that will help in achieve the goals of your House of Worship or Church.

Today’s House of Worship is far more than a hung video screen, and simple sticks of lighting truss. The churches of today are growing.  They are contemporary and are embracing the new innovative technologies in lighting, audio and video. XSF recognizes and understands these industry methods of expression and can work with you to achieve a creative solution perfect for your modern worship facility.

We bring an unparalleled skill, strategy and vision that recognize both your plans today and into the future.  XSF has been doing this across the United States for Churches and Houses of Worship for many years. We are trusted experts for not only large churches but also smaller churches looking for affordable solutions.

Solutions that may work for your Church or House of Worship. 

  • For hung video screens, curtains, inline or linear devices Diamond Truss maybe a good choice. Diamond Truss is a safe and reliable solution for unbalanced or offset load challenges. For Load tables, part number and more information on XSF’s Diamond Truss click here.

  • A common goal post truss structure(s) can be a highly flexible truss configuration. Goal Post Systems are durable, transportable and lightweight.

  • Custom Truss and fabrication is where XSF shines. If you’re looking for something that needs special attention and requirements call our creative experts.

  • Standard Box truss for lighting and stage use in a wide variety of lengths, sizes and strengths.

When you’re looking for the right solution for you and your congregation, call XSFtruss.

Houses of Worship Truss