Diamond Truss

12” Fork End Diamond Configuration

  • 12″x 12″ Steel Fork End Diamond Truss comes in standard lengths of 5′, 8′, and 10′ with custom lengths available upon request.
  • The aluminum chords are 2″ OD x 3/16″ thick with 1″ OD x 1/8″ thick aluminum diagonals.
  • The trusses are joined together with 3/4″ steel clevis pins through 2″ OD steel fork end connections.
  • Fabricated by AWS certified welders in the USA.
  • Anodizing and Powder Coating are available upon request in any color.
10′ Truss X-12DIA-188FE-120
8′ Truss X-12DIA-188FE-96
5′ Truss X-12DIA-188FE-60
2-Way Corner Block X-12CB-DIA-188FE-2
3-Way Corner Block X-12CB-DIA-188FE-3
4-Way Corner Block X-12CB-DIA-188FE-4
5-Way Corner Block X-12CB-DIA-188FE-5
6-Way Corner Block X-12CB-DIA-188FE-6
Span Uniformly Distributed Load Center Point Load Third Point Loads Quarter Point Loads Fifth Point Loads
(ft) (plf) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs)
5 1807 4518 3392 2259 1882
10 778 3888 2919 1944 1620
15 341 2554 1918 1277 1064
20 188 1876 1409 938 782
25 109 1366 1026 683 569
30 48 726 545 363 303
35 21 376 282 188 157
40 9 188 141 94 78

Diamond Truss Configuration

Safety is number 1 in our industry and with that; many times we are faced with the challenge of offset or unbalanced loads.  The XSF Diamond Truss reduces this problem and offers a safe, reliable and logical solution.  Diamond Truss also offers additional flexibility as the traditional box truss configuration or vertical tower or columns.

When hanging video screens, curtains or other linear or inline devices, the XSF Diamond truss allows these items to be hung down the center line of the truss. This configuration creates an equalized and “natural” balance from the main chords. With the addition of an extra chord it increases rigidity and prevents bending or sag.

We encourage you to open the load tables chart above to see if the Diamond Truss configuration is right for you.

For information on Diamond Truss or other XSF products and services call or email us.

Diamond Truss Stress Test

As performed many times in the XSF facility in Sulphur Springs Texas. Our team of engineers work diligently on the Diamond Configuration stress tests. The results are spectacular.