Roof Systems


Rock the Desert is an annual three-day Christian music festival held in Texas at the Rock the Desert festival field with more than 30 bands performing. Founded in 1999 and held annually in August, Rock the Desert also hosts an indoor skateboard competition with over one thousand competitors.

Xtreme Structures was hired by the staff at Rock the Desert to design, manufacture and oversee the installation of a large outdoor roof system that would be permanently installed for the main stage area.

The main stage roof measures 140 foot wide by 40 foot deep with a trim height of 35 feet. The performance area measures 60 foot wide by 40 foot deep with PA wings on either side of the stage measuring 40 foot by 40 foot that also include VIP seating.

The roof system includes a permanent corrugated metal skin on top and meets the engineering requirements to withstand 90 miles per hour wind loads for that region.

Mystic Lake Music Stage

Canterbury Park, Minneapolis, MN

The Mystic Lake Music Stage is a 24’ x 24’ outdoor roof grid system designed and engineered to resist wind loads up to 67.5mph.  The roof system was designed with concrete footings in the location shown, but can also be moved to remote locations and braced with guy cables to resist wind loads.  The customer came to XSF with a concept drawing  (shown) and a clear idea of what they wanted for their venue.

The towers are 25’ tall XSF 12” x 12” bolt plate tower truss with headblocks and CM chain hoists.  The grid consists of XSF 20.5” x 20.5” bolt plate Utility Truss with a rafter package and custom skin

Allowable loads include 165 pounds per linear foot on the perimeter trusses which includes a 4’-0” cantilever on the downstage span

Mystic Lake Event