Test Fit & Quality Control

If You Have A Big Project XSF Has the Facility to Test Fit It.

We are BIG and we are in Texas, Sulphur Springs Texas.

At XSF we test fit every truss component that we fabricate prior to delivery.  By test fitting all of our products in our 40,000 square foot shop we eliminate the requirement to test fit on site prior to installation or use.

This step also provides another level of quality assurance above and beyond our inspection of each individual weld.

By having a large facility we offer our customers the ability to see the structure before it leaves XSF. We find it always provides peace of mind to our customers.

Do not leave things to chance and hope it will work on-site!

Our Team In our Facility

Large Test Fit and Quality Control at XSF

40,000 sq ft Test Fit Facility