Lighting Truss Fabrication & Stage Truss Innovation

Xtreme Structures and Fabrication is a premier provider of standard and custom aluminum truss used in many applications such as concert and stage lighting. We  manufacture and build custom stages, roof systems, hardware, rigging,  risers, platforms, and exhibit components.

Founded in 2002 XSF has a large, modern fabrication facility in Sulphur Springs, TX. We have a skilled team that delivers the highest quality service and products to our customers.

Xtreme Structures and Fabrication also offer products through our distributors in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Fort Worth, and Baltimore. Our products are safe, reliable, user-friendly and always the highest quality available.

With innovative vision and superior customer service, Xtreme Structures and Fabrication is ready to meet your truss and staging needs.

Concert & Production

Concert and Production Truss

Lighting Truss and Concert Product is an XSF speciality. We have the experience, expertise and know how to make your concert tour or stage production shine.

Stage & Lighting Truss >

Houses Of Worship


XSF can work closely with your House of Worship to design the appropriate lighting and stage truss to meet your needs and budget.

Truss for Houses of Worship >

Arena Installations

Arenas & Installations

XSF specializes in arena truss grids with integrated catwalk and fall protection systems. XSF provides all Arena, Dome and Staging Truss.

Large Venue Truss Systems >

Exhibits and Events

Exhibits and Events

XSF standard product line provides you with a versatile line of lighting truss that can be reconfigured to meet your needs.

Exhibit & Events Truss >

Theater Venues

theater truss appliction

Theatre or Studio Truss Applications often can require a high level of customization. XSF recently collaborated with Criss Angel on the Mindfreak theater in Las Vegas.

Theater Truss Fabrication>

Aluminum Catwalks

Aluminum Platforms and Pathways

Catwalks are elevated service walkways, platforms, and stairways that allow building and technical staff efficient access to theatrical production equipment for maintenance responsibilities.

Aluminum  Pathways, Platforms & Catwalks >

Gym & Fitness Facilities

Truss in Gym and Fitness Facilities

Trusses are becoming a highly functional feature in local fitness community workout centers, Ninja Obstacle Courses, and Gym workout facilities.

Truss in Fitness Facilities >

Tradeshows and More

tradeshow truss and more

The use of Truss in tradeshows and other projects is an excellent choice. Aluminum trusses are highly durable while being lightweight and easy to transport.

Tradeshow and More >

Catch Up on the Latest Entertainment Truss, Rigging and Industry News.

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Tool-less Indexable Forkend


NEW Tool-less Indexable Forkend Truss by XSF.
Watch the Video and see just how FAST, EFFICIENT and SIMPLE it is. –  click here!



UVSD disinfects cell phones, masks, and other products in 5 minutes. XSF has the right solution for any sized business.

Time Lapse Arena Grid Installation

TRUSSUMENTARY – Time Lapse Video

An exciting recently completed project at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum is captured on video. Check out our Time-Lapse Installation.

The  Protective Bolt Plate Truss

Protective Bolt Plate Truss is an innovative line of truss that will revolutionize the truss industry.

More Strength and Save Money.

The engineers of XSF have designed and built an exciting NEW PRODUCT that extends the life of your truss, saves you money and is stronger than industry standard truss.

Find out more about the Protective Bolt Plate Truss…

2018 Product-Protective Bolt Plate

The Integrated Rig Point

The Xtreme Structures (patent pending) Integrated Rig Point (IRP) provides a whole new way to rig your truss safely.

Good-bye to Rig Bars. Hello Rig Point

The IRP is an exciting NEW PRODUCT that that provides an engineered rig point with a 1-ton load rating at each panel point within the truss.

Click Here to Learn about the Integrated Rig Point…

Rigging Just Got Easier
What is Lighting and Stage Truss

What Is Lighting Truss / Stage Truss

Here we define what is Lighting or Stage Truss . Learn the A to Z of Lighting Truss…

This article contains information and video discussing the many areas lighting truss:

  • Types of Lighting Truss
  • What is Truss Made of?
  • What are the Components?
  • Common Sizes
  • AND MORE – >>>

Confidence, Peace of Mind, Quality Assurance

XSF has been manufacturing and fabricating truss systems in the United States since 2002.

Call the experienced professionals for all of your truss and rigging needs.

Box Truss

box truss for lighting

Plated Utility, Steel, and Aluminum box truss in all sizes and available custom. All USA made.


xlite truss - lightweight affordable

An affordable, lightweight lighting truss option with a full line of accessories and USA made.

Triangle Truss

triangle truss

For the full line of XSF triangle truss for use in stage and concert lighting call XSF truss or visit the Triangle Truss webpage.

Space Saving Truss

Space Saving Truss

The unique design of XSF’s Space Saving Truss allows 150 trusses to be loaded onto a single tractor trailer!

Diamond Truss

Diamond Truss - for video screens, curtains

Perfect for curtains, video screens or other inline devices, the XSF Diamond Truss is right for offset or unbalanced loads.

Circular & Oval Truss

circular and oval truss

The manufacturers of circle and oval truss in any diameter, XSF can provide in different truss sizes with ladder, triangle and box truss.

Base Plates

Base plates for lighting truss

A major component in outdoor shows and events which have temporary structures are Baseplates, see the full line of XSF base plates.

Corner Blocks

corner block truss

2 way to 6 way corner blocks available. We  have XSF Corner Blocks for our full line of lighting truss.

Ladder Truss

Ladder Truss

A full range of ladder trusses for your application. We manufacture ladder truss in a wide variety of sizes. Check it out.

Custom Truss

Custom Truss Fabrication

As innovators and experts in Truss fabrication, we have the know-how make your “outside of the box” project perfect. Visit our Custom Truss Fabrication page or call us for more info.

Truss Accessories

aluminum truss accessories

If you have a particular line of truss or rigging accessory you’re in need of, give us a call. We would be glad to assist.

Lighting Truss

Lighting Truss

Need information on lighting truss and what’s right for your project? Follow this link, then give us a call.

Truss Wedges

Truss Wedges

XSF has a versatile array of Aluminum Truss Wedges with standard angles of 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees.  More on Truss Wedges Info >

Rigging Accessories

Rigging Accessories

If you have a particular line of Rigging Accessories you’re in need of, give us a call. We would be glad to assist.

XSF Manufacturing Facility

Made in America

XSF has been manufacturing and fabricating aluminum truss from our warehouse facility in Texas since 2002. Watch our XSF Video