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Arena and Theater Rigging

If it’s not on the ground you need rigging. Suspending speakers, truss, lighting and scenic equipment in the air is serious business and safety should always be the first order of business.

Xtreme Structures are expert in understanding the science of rigging.

In any conditions where there are dynamic loads, having a strong understanding of physics and engineering is paramount. While the products, designs, conditions configurations and equipment may change these academic principles must be firmly applied to every application. Arena rigging, theatrical rigging and circus rigging require a large playbook of experience to keep things safe and on time.

Whether your application is permanent or touring, attention to detail, the proper methods or principles and first-rate quality equipment are required to ensure all equipment is flown, attached or suspended correctly.

XSF has a broad range of rigging accessories and hardware.  All components are American made to meet the highest safety and industry load standards.  Click here for a list of Truss and Rigging Accessories.

Do not settle for less.

New Truss Rigging Innovation

As industry innovators XSF is continually looking to evolve their product line. In 2017, they debuted their latest product innovation, the Integrated Rig Point. The Integrated Rig Point simply saves riggers time and money while maintaining the highest levels of safety. See the images below then click here to get the complete details on this new truss innovation!

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