Truss Accessories

As a global leader in Truss Manufacturing and Fabrication, Xtreme Structures also provides a wide variety of truss accessories.  If you have a particular line of truss or rigging accessory you’re in need of, give us a call. We would be glad to assist.

  • Half Couplers
  • Dollies
  • Truss Picks
  • Pinch Blocks
  • Truss Topper


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Sleeve Block Adapter Kit

The XSF Sleeve Block Adapter Kit is a highly useful mechanism that can be used for many stage truss and lighting applications. If your job has a Ground Support System,  Four Post System, Goal Post or 2 Post System, the  XSF Sleeve Block Adaptor Kit may be an excellent solution to consider.

The kit is a highly versatile, cost effective system that allows your standard 4-way corner block to be used as a self-climbing truss or self climbing grid. Using the Sleeve Block Adapter Kit on your LED Video Wall structures can greatly benefit the job, in time, convenience, and ease of setup.  The Kit is also perfect for moving Truss Grids. Set your four posts or truss towers and with the use of Chain Hoists motors, the entire grid can be mobilised.

The Kits are easy to install and consist of eight (8) caster wheel brackets which are firmly bolted into our standard 20.5”, 4-Way Corner Blocks. These Adaptor Kits do not compromise our engineering load ratings for the 20.5”x20.5” truss. Having firmly bolted the casters in place, the Kit provides a vertical guideway along a 12 X 12-inch standard format tower truss.

If the XSF Corner Block Sleeve Adaptor kit sounds like the perfect solutions for your next application, project or gig call us to find out more.

All corner blocks and Truss Towers are made from our certified 6005A Alloy and are manufactured in the USA and can be powder coated at your request in any color.