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As a global leader in Truss Manufacturing and Fabrication, Xtreme Structures also provides a wide variety of truss & rigging accessories.  From Rig Points to Beam Clamps to truss dollies, XSF offers an assortment of products that work for you reducing load in and load out times.  Round slings, Steel Teks, shackles, half couplers, stac chain, and pinch blocks, just to name a few, are all readily available for purchase.  In addition to the hardware needed to safely rig truss overhead, we offer a full line of CM chain hoist, parts and accessories.

All XSF accessories used in overhead lifting are engineered and rated with published safe working loads.  If you have a particular line of truss or rigging accessory you’re in need of, give us a call. We would be glad to assist you.


All XSF Truss is 100% USA Made.  Our truss manufacturing and fabrication facility is located in Sulphur Springs, Texas and has been operating since 2002. We have a 43,000 sq. foot shop facility that we plan to expand in 2020.

USA Aluminum Made Truss

Top Truss Accessories


Truss Warmer Light Bars are designed to fit internally on Box Truss. They are a 2”Ø round tube for rigging lighting attachments with standard couplers to illuminate the internal body of a truss

Truss Warmer Light Bar >

Light Warmer Thumbnail

All our American Made Truss Couplers are designed for quick, simple and easy connection and removal. Safe and Secure when fastening to truss.  Half Couplers / Swivel Couplers / Quad Couplers / Square Couplers  –

Couplers Info

Quad Coupler

XSF has a full line of CM shackles in a variety of sizes.  CM shackles are available in a number of styles and materials for virtually any rigging application and are manufactured in the USA.

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Spanset has become a name synonymous with stage slings in the entertainment industry.  XSF carries a wide variety of Spanset stage slings in various lengths including Steel-Tex Stage Slings and Nylon Round slings.

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Steeltex Anchors Sling
Wire Rope Slings are a basic lifting tool that is a frequently used type of sling in the entertainment industry today.  They offer an economical, strong and safe option for lifting or rigging.  Numerous configurations are available to support a broad range of applications and bridles.

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The Pinch Block is designed for use with all of our standard aluminum trusses.  The flexible design of the pinch block allows a truss to be attached to the side of another truss or tower in an infinite number of locations without the use of corner blocks.

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pinch block small
  • S.T.A.C. CHAIN

CM Special Theatrical Alloy Chain (STAC) is ideal for theatrical rigging applications where bridle adjust ability is required.  The STAC Chains have Super Strength that now meet European Standards. Made in the USA are proof tested and fire and abrasion resistant.

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STAC Chain Thumbnail

The Light Source Mega-Truss Pick has one top and one bottom rigging hole for attaching the truss to a shackle, motor, or chain hook. The Mega-Truss Pick will suspend up to one ton of truss load, plus an additional one ton load suspended under the truss.

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Truss Pick 12

 Truss Dolly comes in an assortment of sizes to meet your needs.  The dolly can be used with a wide variety of truss sizes and can stack trusses up to 96” high.  Trusses easily stack onto the dolly’s sturdy aluminum construction and can be strapped together for safe transport.

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truss dolly small

The XSF Couple-On Outrigger is an outrigger designed for use with aluminum truss towers.  The outrigger quickly and easily couples onto the chords of the tower with half couplers and has an adjustable screw jack foot for levelling.

Couple-On Outrigger Info >

Universal Couple On Outrigger

Beam Clamp is an adjustable clamp designed for use with I-beams and tent beams. With a safe working load rating of 950 pounds (430Kg), the clamp allows for hang points from support beams where alternative attachments may not be possible.

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The XSF Kabuki is a quick release mechanism that is used for curtain drop reveals.  Each Kabuki unit supports the curtain from a grommet and simultaneously releases the grommet to allow the curtain to fall to the stage for large reveals.

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The XSF Truss T-Topper is a lighting mount that bolts to the end of XSF 12”x12” Utility bolt plate truss.  The T-Topper can be mounted atop a vertical column of truss as shown or can be mounted at the end of a cantilever truss.  Moving lights, audio, props, décor, or monitors are just a few items that could be hung from the T-Topper.

Truss T-Topper Info >

Truss Topper small
The XSF pin puller is a weighted handle puller that makes removing clevis pins from a fork end (spigot) truss much easier and quicker.Pin Puller Accessory

Sleeve Block Adapter Kit is a highly useful mechanism that can be used for many stage truss and lighting applications. If your job has a Ground Support System,  Four Post System, Goal Post or 2 Post System, a Sleeve Block Adaptor Kit may be an excellent solution to consider.

Sleeve Block Adapter Info >

Sleeve Block Adapter small

Stacking Rig Point is a 2-Ton load bar that includes nesting slots which protect the truss while stacked.  It also eliminates the need to remove the rig point during storage or transit, saving time in load out.

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Xtreme Structures is owned and operated by individuals with Structural Engineering background.  All of our truss products are engineered to the highest standard.