Security Checkpoints and Drive-Through Screenings Shelters

Pandemics and natural disasters often strain the resources at hospitals. This leads to additional stress for doctors and nurses while jeopardizing the health of patients.  When hospitals run out of space or need to treat patients remotely, they may set up an emergency tent or mobile response shelter for drive-through testing. 

Authorities may even need to establish security checkpoints at borders. A modular truss system provides the perfect solution for these situations.

With sturdy aluminum trusses and modular configuration, a temporary shelter can easily be erected to handle drive-through testing, provide additional beds to ease crowding, or set up checkpoints.

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What Is a Emergency Structure Modular Truss System?

Modular truss systems are often used for tradeshows and events that require a stable temporary structure. The truss system is comprised of multiple beams, typically arranged to create a large pavilion or support for stage lighting.

The columns and girders provide greater stability compared to pole tents. With a modular system, the truss components can also be arranged to accommodate custom sizes and layouts.

The modular design allows you to add or remove sections to meet your specific needs. You may also extend the framework as demand for more space increases instead of setting up an entirely new structure.

Drive-Through Test Screening

To help minimize the spread of viruses, medical teams are starting to set up drive-through test screening locations. Establishing a secondary location for testing keeps potentially exposed members of the public away from hospitals.

These stable structure allows medical staff to equip the temporary facility with necessary supplies and are an ideal choice for a drive-through test screening locations.

The modular design also makes it easier to adjust the layout to suit different situations. The modular components can be set up in any configuration, including layouts with multiple rooms.

Security Checkpoints

Along with drive-through screening, these are an effective choice for a security checkpoint. The stability of the trusses makes it easy to create a checkpoint of any size. It also provides a stable framework for adding lighting and other equipment.

With a modular truss as a security checkpoint, authorities can perform their jobs more efficiently. They receive protection from the weather and a convenient temporary workspace. The configuration can even provide the clearance height needed for vehicles.

Potential Uses for a Modular Truss System

Truss systems are designed to support heavy equipment, including lighting for stage performances. The stability of these systems and the modular components allow for a wide range of applications.

Many regions are expected to become overwhelmed due to the spread of COVID-19. A modular truss system can help address this issue by offering an efficient option for:

  •       Drive-through test screening
  •       Extended hospital space
  •       Emergency medical tents
  •       Security checkpoints

Natural disasters, including pandemics, tend to put a strain on local resources. Hospitals may run out of beds or struggle to test patients without exposing others. Police and federal agencies may need to set up checkpoints to prevent travelers from bringing pathogens into the area.

These portable truss systems gives hospitals and local or federal authorities an alternative to pop-up medical tents and temporary structures for checkpoints. With enough clearance for vehicles, it is the most effective option for keeping everyone safe.

Why Use a Modular Truss System?

Pop-up tents and pavilions are often used for setting up temporary structures at remote sites. This may include drive-through testing, security checkpoints, and other shelters for dealing with natural disasters.

No matter if the tent is used to create a checkpoint or test people for the coronavirus, it will likely contain a variety of equipment. The pole framework used for a typical tent may not withstand strong winds and severe weather over a long period. A secure shelter is needed to protect workers, the public, and equipment from the elements.

A truss system includes thick girders with top and bottom chords separated by vertical or diagonal supports. The stable beams have a large load-bearing capacity and greater structural strength.

A modular truss system provides a sturdier structure for mobile security checkpoints and other temporary facilities. These systems also offer the support needed for shelving, lighting, and other equipment.

You may also use a modular truss system to extend hospital space. As the need for additional beds increases, healthcare facilities can continually extend the framework using modular trusses. This frees up space in the hospital, easing the stress of the situation on doctors and nurses.

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