Anyone who has seen an obstacle course TV shows such as “Ninja Warrior” probably has a good idea of how much work and preparation goes into training for these feats of endurance and strength. What many  may not know is just how much work that goes into building the types of courses and the training facilities that these athletes use to prepare beforehand. Recently, XSF Truss had the pleasure of assisting one such facility to design, engineer and build a gym, fitness facility unlike any other.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Humble Ninja Fitness specializes in fitness training for those who are looking for something a little more intense and challenge-focused. The facility contains several machines and obstacles that are based directly off those seen in  “Ninja type” shows. Such obstacles include cargo climbing nets, double step, and the dreaded salmon ladder, a modified pull-up bar that requires the user to pull the bar out of its fixture and snap it up to a higher level, all while still hanging.

All of this equipment required an intricately designed and well-engineered truss system, and XSF was more than up to the challenge.

– It’s not every day we design and build Ninja Fitness facilities so the XSF truss team really enjoyed working closely on the creative aspect of this project. “The results are always good when you work with the facility’s team and we coordinated a design that worked best for them”.

Keaton Walton, XSF Truss



Because of their unique line of work, Humble Ninja Fitness required many custom pieces that had to be designed and constructed specifically for their facility, including personalized decks and platforms. XSF was able to help them outline a personalized plan that fit all their needs. Torque, Dynamic and shifting loads very much come into play when building many of the structures, platforms, decks and obstacles you’ll find at Humble.. In several cases XSF had to be acutely aware of the building’s concrete depths and other factors to ensure sufficient anchorage and safety.

Much of the completed design features XSF’s, patent pending, 12-inch by 12-inch protective bolt plate truss. There are a whopping 20 custom truss towers, the majority of which are 14 feet high. The course features over 30 obstacles, including the spider wall, rolling dice, suspended hanging rings, and many more. Even better, the custom truss design allows the flexibility of many of the “features” to be taken down and moved.  This allows the further customization, different looks and new challenges to the athletes to test their limits.

No matter the size or scale of the project, XSF has the expertise and industry know-how to provide durable and personalized truss to businesses of any background.

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