The XSF Modular Truss Systems are a versatile solution, perfect for Trade shows, Lighting Displays, DJ’s Booths, and more.

The truss components consist of XSF standard 12”x12” Utility Truss with either our classic bolt plates or our new Protective Bolt Plates.  XSF standard 24”x24” base plates support the columns and a lightweight custom rafter package quickly adapts to the various booth sizes.  A highly durable PVC material is used for the canopy top and can be enhanced with custom colors, printing or logo designs for all 4 booth sizes.

Using the components provided this modular system can be used to create the following structures:

To increase flexibility of use, the modular truss system height can be modified as well. By changing out the columns you can match most overhead requirements at Tradeshows concerts, and events both indoor and outdoor.

If your booth is to be used in an outdoor application, engineering, guy cables and ballast can be provided by XSF.  Transport is easy and these modular truss booths can be quickly and safely erected with a small crew of only a few people.

To learn more about these systems and see more examples visit our XSF Modular Booth Truss System page here.

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