XSF Truss proudly introduces 2 new and innovative products for 2018.

Rigging and Rigging Technology has now changed with an exciting new product we call the Integrated Rig Point. It is a new way to safety rig your truss.  The IRP not only makes rigging easier, it also makes it more cost effective for any production or staging event.

Also launched at Lighting Dimensions International is the XSF Protective Bolt Plate Truss. The Protective Bolt Plate Truss will add years of value on to your truss. The plate allows protection to the truss ends and prevents damage when dropped or dragged.

See Video below of these new 2018 products.

The Integrated Rig Point and Protective Bolt Plate Truss

The Integrated Rig Point (Patent Pending) can be installed on any of our XSF truss including :

  • XSF Protective Bolt Plate Truss
  • XSF Standard Bolt Plate Truss
  • XSF Fork End Truss
  • XSF Aluminum Fork End Truss

The IRP is a heavy-duty aluminum, integrated rig bar that provides an engineered rigging point with a 1-ton load rating at each panel point within the XSF truss.  Welding the rig points into the truss at precise panel points ensures the 1-ton load rating is at the safest location possible.

For more information on this Product visit https://www.xsftruss.com/rigging-truss-integrated-rig-point-product/

Protective Bolt Plate Box Truss

XSF’s new Protective Bolt Plate Truss is a new engineered end plate design (patent pending) that prevent damage to the truss chords. Dropping and dragging truss can costs companies 100’s of 1,000s of dollars every year.    We looked to eliminate this problem and extend the life of your truss.

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