Infographic | How to Read Truss Load Tables

June 12th, 2018|Lighting Truss News|

Infographic | How To Read Truss Load Tables and Load Ratings. Learning how to read and understand truss load tables is an essential skill when working with rigging and truss no matter what the application. Below is a infographic created to assist users in understanding and effectively reading load tables charts when building and/or [...]

Modular Truss Systems

February 28th, 2018|Lighting Truss News|

The XSF Modular Truss Systems are a versatile solution, perfect for Trade shows, Lighting Displays, DJ's Booths, and more. The truss components consist of XSF standard 12”x12” Utility Truss with either our classic bolt plates or our new Protective Bolt Plates.  XSF standard 24”x24” base plates support the columns and a lightweight custom rafter package quickly adapts to [...]

XSF Welcomes Theresa Kelley

February 21st, 2018|Lighting Truss News|

Xtreme Structures & Fabrication is excited to announce the addition of Theresa Kelley to the XSF family! As one of our industries top professionals, Theresa brings over 20 years of sales experience to XSF. She has successfully managed large US sales regions, has excellent product knowledge and shares a wonderful rapport with clients, customers [...]

XSF Truss Gallery Series | Events, Museums, Trade Shows and More

January 13th, 2018|Events, Lighting Truss News, News & Events, Rigging|

Episode #6 in the XSF Truss Gallery Series looks back on some of the tradeshows, exhibits, corporate events, amusement parks, museums and events we've been involved in. Perhaps you don't think about truss everyday like we do but when you look around it may surprise you where you might find box truss, triangle [...]

Rigging and Truss Innovation | XSF Truss Gallery Series

January 4th, 2018|Design, Lighting Truss News, Rigging|

XSF Truss proudly introduces 2 new and innovative products for 2018. Rigging and Rigging Technology has now changed with an exciting new product we call the Integrated Rig Point. It is a new way to safety rig your truss.  The IRP not only makes rigging easier, it also makes it more cost effective [...]

XSF Truss Gallery Series | Concert Lighting and Stage Production

December 28th, 2017|Events, Lighting Truss News, News & Events, Rigging|

Episode #4 in the XSF Truss Gallery Series looks at some of the many concert and travelling productions XSF has been involved in . For over 16 years our expert, professional team has been supplying concert productions with Stage Lighting Truss, Catwalks, Platforms, Stages and more. Concert Production [...]