XSF Truss Gallery Series | Events, Museums, Trade Shows and More

January 13th, 2018|Events, Lighting Truss News, News & Events, Rigging|

Episode #6 in the XSF Truss Gallery Series looks back on some of the tradeshows, exhibits, corporate events, amusement parks, museums and events we've been involved in. Perhaps you don't think about truss everyday like we do but when you look around it may surprise you where you might find box truss, triangle [...]

XSF Truss Gallery Series | Concert Lighting and Stage Production

December 28th, 2017|Events, Lighting Truss News, News & Events, Rigging|

Episode #4 in the XSF Truss Gallery Series looks at some of the many concert and travelling productions XSF has been involved in . For over 16 years our expert, professional team has been supplying concert productions with Stage Lighting Truss, Catwalks, Platforms, Stages and more. Concert Production [...]

XSF Truss Gallery Series | Arenas, Domes and Stadiums

December 15th, 2017|Lighting Truss News, News & Events, Rigging, Videos|

Episode #2 of the XSF Truss Gallery Series shows some of the large scale truss grids XSF have installed in Stadiums, Domes and Arenas around the USA. To learn more information about the installations in this video call us or visit  https://www.xsftruss.com/arena-installations/   Having large structural truss installations must meet [...]

Rigging-Integrated Rig Point – New XSF Product

October 24th, 2017|Lighting Truss News, News & Events, Rigging|

The Xtreme Structures (patent pending) Integrated Rig Point (IRP) provides a whole new way to rig your truss safely. The IRP is a heavy-duty aluminum rig bar that provides an engineered rig point with a 1-ton load rating at each panel point within the truss.  Welding the rig points into the truss at precise [...]

Protective Bolt Plate – New Truss Product

October 17th, 2017|Lighting Truss News, News & Events|

XSF is proud to introduce its newest Truss Innovation! Protective Bolt Plate Truss provides a new engineered end plate design (patent pending) which includes circular ears at each corner that prevent damage to the chords from dropping or dragging.   Aluminum Truss is often dropped on hard floors or unnecessarily damaged from dragging, costing users thousands [...]

XSF Continues To Build Its Xtreme Team

July 5th, 2017|Events, Lighting Truss News, News & Events|

A sales team is most often the front line of any business. The key to a successful and quality sales team is personality, product understanding, organization and the ability to meet the customer needs. XSF understands the importance of its team and proudly continues to grow, in order to raise the bar in industry customer service. [...]